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The temperature of the sea and the salinity of the water combine to offer extraordinary products.


The temperature of the sea and the salinity of the water combine to offer extraordinary products.


Exquisiteness by definition

Selected premium seafood highly valued by haute cuisine

Unmistakable appearance,and intense sea taste. The flavour comes mainly from its prominent head (where the prized coral is found) and its excellent flesh, sublime for preparing a wide variety of rice dishes, sauces, soups and creams.
Its flavour is a marine explosion with an intense coral aroma that perfectly blends the sweet nuances that reside in its head and the concentrated iodine and salt provided by the environment in which it lives.
Its flavour is a unique combination of Mediterranean red shrimp and carabinero. It is considered a hybrid of these species, having the morphology and intensity of flavour of the carabinero, but the sweet flavours of the Mediterranean red shrimp.
Mediterranean Langoustine has a finer and more delicate flavour compared to those from the northern fishing grounds. The salty and cold bottoms where they live give them a texture full of nuances that differentiate them from their northern relatives to a great extent (they are known for having the most tender meat of all the shellfish)
Crustacean of high gastronomic value, it is one of the most commercialised, demanded and valued seafood in Spain and all over the world. It is considered the classic shrimp of the Spanish market, highly appreciated by Spanish and Italian chefs
Due to the great depths and very cold waters where they live, they develop a high content of healthy fat that gives them a flavour and texture that are their hallmark.
Well knon for having an unparalleled quality that is highly sought after by chefs. Rich in oils, non-gelatinous flesh and perfect freshness.

More than 60 years of experience commited to the sea

Hispamare has been operating its own fleet of fishing vessels since 1953. Now in its third generation, the family business has internationalised and diversified.

We operate and have different assets present throughout the value chain of fishing and marketing of high-quality seafood products.

ultracongelado -35ºC

Optimised flavours using the latest technology

Deep freezing on-board technology affords us an outstanding conservation of the organoleptic properties of our products.

Colour, smell, taste and texture fully preserved and enhanced.

Maximum control of portion costs.

Guaranteed availability all year round.

100% freshness and nutrient retention.


A unique range of wild products from the most valued fishing grounds.

The waters in FAO 37 and FAO 34 fishing areas, offer a unique environment for marine life. Their high level of salinity, together with the low temperature of the deep sea beds, and a very wide continental shelf, make this a unique and exceptional enclave for all these species.



The combined values of IQF technology of deep-freezing on board and wild caughtes, accredit our products as premium seafood of “Sashimi” grade, the Asian standard of consumption for raw food.
· EU-certified food safety and food security parameters
· Product “pure raw” / no artificial treatment or fattening
· Wild-caught range of flavours

Our products are deep-frozen on board at -35°C in tunnels equipped with state-of-the-art deep-freezing technology, preventing parasites (such as anisakis). This system allows us to achieve the optimum parameters for raw consumption with maximum guarantees in terms of food safety.

Haute Cuisine

The excellence of our products for the most exclusive cuisines on the planet.

Thanks to the care and exceptionality with which we treat each piece, our product is chosen by the most demanding cuisines in the world, reaching the most awarded chefs, who use our caughtes for the development of the most exclusive and innovative creations.

One of the achievements we are most proud of is “getting into Martín Berasategui’s kitchens” in 2019 as official suppliers. It is a privilege to know that our products are part of the creations of the most important chef in the history of Spain (and one of the most important in the world) with 12 Michelin stars.

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Unique Collections from the Sea

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A range of unique products makes up the most select assortment used by the best chefs in the world, now available to enjoy at home with one click. From the deep sea, rock and salt; the excellence of the sea, used by Michelin star chefs, at your disposal.


Complete vertical integration

Large enough to quickly and reliably meet the growing demand from retail chains; attentive enough to adapt to the particular needs and individual requirements of the world’s most special cuisines.

Fishing operations



prescadores desde 1953
prescadores desde 1953