prescadores desde 1953

Third generation Mediterranean family of fishermen

Hispamare has operated its own fleet of fishing vessels since 1953. Today, the family business has internationalised and diversified.


Tradition as a guarantee of quality

We are a third-generation family business with more than 60 years of experience dedicated to the sea.

We control everything from the fishing activity of our boats to the preparation, processing and commercialisation of our caughtes, putting the maximum effort, care and dedication into all our products.

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Superior quality wild seafood products

Hispamare was founded in 2015 as the commercial division of the fishing holding company Hispania Altamare (a third-generation family business with more than 60 years of experience in the sector), with the aim of offering privileged wild fish products from the best boats and in the best quality conditions, under the basis of unique knowledge, experience and dedication.


Mediterranean fishing family.


1953 - 1958

A Life Dedicated To Fishing

After his father’s death, when Don Manuel was still a very young man he started working in different positions to support his family. One of these positions was working on a boat in the Mediterranean. During these fishing activities he developed skills as a sailor, mechanic, chief engineer and skipper.

This knowledge was extremely useful when he acquired his first boat ‘El Valeta’ in 1965, which allowed him to operate as a producer in the Mediterranean fishing grounds.

Teide, Armstrong

1968 - 1977

Expansion Of The Fishing Fleet

In 1968 two new purse seiners were launched, the Teide and the Armstrong. Six years later, in 1974, the first trawler, Mi Miguel, was launched and built in Adra, focusing mainly on superior quality seafood, such as red shrimp, white shrimp and Mediterranean langoustine.

During these years, the carabinero was considered a second-class seafood and was not very much appreciated by the traditional consumers in the Spanish market; in fact, it was not commercialised at all and was given as a gift to sailors and their families.

Atenea & Acuario

1977 - 1986

Positioning as A Top-Quality Seafood Producer in The Mediterranean Sea.

The Atenea and the Acuario were built with the aim of expanding the fleet and positioning the company as a reference shipowner in the fishing areas of Spain and Morocco.


1986 - 1990

Renovation of the fishing fleet and pioneers in on-board freezing.

It was necessary to completely update and refit the old fleet in order to continue to lead the sector, so an ambitious and potentially risky construction of a completely new fleet of trawlers was started.

Don Manuel, together with some close and trusted partners, took a strategic step to become a benchmark in the production of superior quality seafood. Thanks to the introduction of the first vessels equipped with on-board deep-freezing systems, the company pioneered the use of on-board freezing technologies to guarantee the highest quality products.


1990 - 2000

A New Era Begins

The knowledge and experience of his late father enabled Don Antonio Fernandez to take over the management of the family business and strategically reposition it for the modern era.

Through partnerships with local partners in Africa and the construction of four new fibreglass reinforced light trawlers, he made this strategic move and specialised in higher quality seafood, while reducing production costs.

It was also a first step towards sustainable production, which to this day remains a fundamental part of our company values.


2000 - 2015

First Steps In A Vertical Integration Of The Group.

The change in strategy resulted in a significant growth in demand for quality seafood.

The logical consequence was the acquisition of a majority stake in the Venalcadi auction in the province of Huelva.


2015 - Today

Global Market Development

In order to focus, optimise and maximise all the knowledge and experience within their family, Don Antonio’s sons, Luis Miguel and Javier, launched HISPAMARE in 2015. Wrapped in the tradition and knowledge of the family business since its childhood, they brought a modern point of view and the ambition to bring the legacy of don Manuel and don Antonio to the best restaurants and hotels around the world.

The brothers worked hard and learned several languages from an early age to make their dream come true. Four years after launching the Hispamare project, vertical integration has been optimised and we are proud to be working with key export partners that we have personally selected in countries such as the UK, France, Italy, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, with ambitious plans for new emerging markets.



Expanding the Fleet.

The Iris, a veteran German trawler, supports our premium seafood production in the Mediterranean and West Africa, with a fully refurbished, state-of-the-art onboard IQF freezing system to ensure maximum quality and freshness.



Pan-African Maritime Cooperation

The Pan-African project proposes a cooperation between several African countries with the specific objective of sustainable development and industrialisation of the shipyard, fishing and aquaculture sectors on a pan-African scale.

By applying innovative know-how and cutting-edge technology from the moment of caught to the moment it reaches the consumer, we aim to make the PANAFRICANA brand the world’s leading and most prestigious seafood operator.

From the initial idea, the objectives of the PANAFRICANA project are closely aligned to meet a large part of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Complete vertical integration

Large enough to quickly and reliably meet the growing demand from retail chains; attentive enough to adapt to the particular needs and individual requirements of the world’s most special cuisines.

Fishing operations



prescadores desde 1953
prescadores desde 1953