Selected Premium Shellfish

Discover the magical flavours of a unique environment 

The temperature of the sea and the salinity of the water combine to bring out the optimal flavours.

Quality Siege
Selected Premium Shellfish

discover the magical flavours of a unique environment

The temperature of the sea and the salinity of the water combine to bring out the optimal flavours.

Quality Siege
Fishing Operations


Hispamare has operated its own fleet of fishing vessels since 1953. Now, in its third generation, the family business has internationalised and diversified.
We operate and own different asets throughout the whole fishing and trading value chain for premium seafood.



Deep freezing on-board technology affords us an outstanding conservation of the organoleptic properties of our products.
  • check Colour, flavour & texture are fully maintained
  • check Maximum control of portion cost
  • check Guaranteed availability all year
  • check 100% freshness & nutrient retention
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    #Quality guarantee
    We maintain the optimum quality and freshness of all our products due to the IQF state of the art technology and quality control which we have integrated into our operations.

    All of our products have full technical data, verifiable temperature controls with full traceability and provenance to ensure full confidence for the consumer.

    #Nutritional value
    All of our products are carefully selected to ensure the integrity is preserved entirely without any loss of taste or texture.
    #Price stability
    Prices remain much more stable than fresh products as supply is assured and volumes can be managed seamlessly by Hispamare.
    All of our products are available throughout the year in commercial volumes - we can effortlessly guarantee stocks with forecasts and forward planning suited to each client.
    Individual freezing at -30° allows clients to defrost only what they need per day. Our packaging is carefully chosen to protect our products and if stored correctly will preserve quality for 18 months from the date of packing.

Wild caught

A unique range of wild products from the most valued fishing grounds

    The fishing waters of FAO 37 and FAO 34 provide a unique environment for marine life. Their high level of salinity, juxtaposed with cold, deep sea bottoms and a very wide continental shelf, offer a nurturing environment for all these species.

Sashimi Grade

The accreditation for raw products by excellence

The values combined, both IQF & Wild Caught accredits our products as Sashimi Grade premium raw seafood:
  • check EU certified food health parameters
  • check Pure raw / no treatment
  • check Wild caught range of flavours
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    The highest guarantees in food safety
    Our products are deep - frozen on board at -30 ° in tunnels equipped with the latest freezing technology, thus avoiding parasites (such as anisakis). Through this system we achieve the food safety parameters necessary for raw consumption. Download Certificate

Sustainable Production

On board quality assurance


2. Picking and washing

4. Quality Selection

5. Manual Packing

6. Deep Freezing

Trading & Distribution

the world's largest commercial hub for premium wild caught Seafood

In addition to our own production, we are a reference partner in one of the largest Fishing Producer´s Auctions in southern Spain, specialized in trading the Spanish-African fleet´s catches that operates in the best fishing grounds along the Mediterranean Sea and the African Atlantic, from Egypt to Angola.

  • • Priority access to the newest arrivals
  • • Picking the best quality catches
  • • Guaranteed large scale supply
  • • Consistent prices
  • • Global distribution network
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